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Agency Access Pro Download/Setup

Product Requirements

  • Windows XP(Service Pack 2) / Windows Vista / Windows 7
  • PC with Dual Processor 2.0 GHz or above (recommended)
  • 20GB free hard disk space

Try it - free 30 Day Trial Period

  1. Download the application using this Setup_New_118.exe link. Note: If you have already installed AgencyAccessPro, please download the installation file under the "Existing Users" heading below instead!

  2. Run the setup program and follow the instructions. Please review the readme file at the end of the install process.

  3. When you have completed the setup procedure, there will be an AgencyAccessPro icon on your desktop.

  4. Start the application by double-clicking the icon. The login dialog box will ask for a user id and password; enter "admin" for both userid and password. (For security reasons, you should change the password later if you begin to use AgencyAccessPro in a production environment.) Press F1 anytime from any screen to get context-sensitive help!
  5. For a quick Tutorial to help you get started, please click here: Getting Started with Agency Access Pro. You can start the Tutorial in a web browser, and then perform the tutorial's recommended actions in the AgencyAccessPro application.

Existing Users

If you have already installed AgencyAccessPro anytime in the past using the above link, and you are looking for to update to the most current version, you can use this link to download a much smaller update file: Setup_Existing_118.exe.

* This version does not include Microsoft's Access Runtime program, which only has to be installed once. This version also does not contain a data file so it will not overwrite any existing data. New user's must download using the New link (step 1) above.

Agency Access Pro Help File

Agency Access Pro has full context sensitive help included with the above setup programs, but if you wish you can download the Agency Access Pro help file separately. Simply download it and double click it to bring up the help application. There's plenty of Agency Access Pro screen images and an integrated menu system to help you find what you are looking for.